Case History


Innovate innovation (BIGTM)

Our experience in innovation is so profound that in these 3 years we have been asked not only to carry ...
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Understanding brand equity across all touchpoints (BTBTM)

Today a brand’s value depends also and greatly on how able to become a true social and cultural player. In ...
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“Bringing to life” segmentation – BMCTM

The value of segmentations – so key for all companies – gets often diluted and undermined because most relevant messages are ...
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Long live true innovation

Concept screenings may kill very innovative ideas too soon, because they use intangible norms or don’t fully get the potential ...
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Playing cards with concepts

The concept lab has been for decades a way to build progress concept options. With our Three Aces gamification we ...
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Legal office-proof

Have you wasted your research money if at the end of a quantitative survey you find out that the winning ...
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Even teenager talk!

Have you ever watched 6 teenagers in a focus group? They hardly tell you what they really think, believe me. The ...
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